JULY 22, 2023

50K Course Description

First ascent to  the Summit of Snowbird is a series of 5 climbs, gaining a total of 4500’ at mile 9.2  A long descent awaits to the Pacific Mine Aid station, with a 3400’ descent over rocky singletrack. After Pacific Mine aid station at mile 15.5, a 3000’ climb up a technical ATV road over the top of “miller hill”.  A short descent to the Mineral Basin aid station brings mile 21. Next climb from the Mineral Basin aid station goes over Baldy Summit.  2000’ in 1.7 miles.  Tunnel aid station is at mile 24.  Descent Peruvian Gulch trail then turn up the Ridge Trail and climb again 1500’ to Hidden Peak summit.  Final descent has one “bump” climb of 500’, then rocky singletrack and smooth bike trail to the finish.  

50K Course Map

Race Info

Date: Saturday, July 22, 2023

Start Time: Coming soon!

Athlete Guide: Coming soon!

Start List: The start list will be available a few weeks prior to the race. 

Running Stones: Runners who complete the 50k will in 2 Running Stones for the 2023 UTMB® World Series Final lottery. LEARN MORE.


UTMB® World Series Final: The top 3 Male and Female winners will earn a place at the 2023 World Series Final OCC®. LEARN MORE.

Cut-off time

    • Hidden Peak #1.  Mile 9.  Cut off time is 10am.    
    • Mineral Basin.  Mile 20.5.  Cut off time is 1:45pm  
    • Tunnel Aid.  Mile 22.9.  Cut off time is 3:20pm.    
    • Hidden Peak #2.  Mile 26.4.  Cut off time is 5:15pm.  
    • No exceptions on cutoff times 

Nutrition & Aid Station

A variety of refreshments and supplies will be available along the route for the exclusive use of participants:  

    • Light (drinks, sweet foods)  
    • Consistent (drinks, sweet foods, salty foods)  
    • Very consistent (drinks, sweet foods, salty foods, starches) 

For sustainability reasons, no cups will be provided with the supplies. Race organizers will only supply drinks into the vessels, drums or liquid bags of athletes.   

    • Hidden Peak #1.  Mile 9.   Full aid station.    
    • Pacific Mine.  Mile 15.5.  Full aid station.    
    • Mineral Basin Mile 20.5.  Full aid station.    
    • Tunnel Aid.  Mile 22.9.  Full aid station.   
    • Hidden Peak #2.  Mile 26.4.  Full aid station.  


A full array of services awaits athletes for a premium trail running experience:  

    • Registration, Expo and Official Merchandise store will be located at Snowbird Resort.  
    • Athletes will receive a welcome pack with commemorative t-shirt and soft cup at registration.  
    • Fully stocked aid stations will be available on the route.  
    • After conquering the trails, athletes will be awarded with a well-earned Finisher Medal.  
    • Athletes who place first in their categories will be awarded with a unique award in recognition of their achievement.  
    • Post-race food.  


    • Premium finisher medals  
    • Commemorative shirt  
    • Soft cup   
    • Custom 15th anniversary gift  


2022 results can be found here

Rules and Regulations

    1. Snowbird is a pristine mountain environment. Littering is NOT allowed outside 100’ of aid stations.  If you choose to throw a wrapper down outside these parameters, we may disqualify you. 
    2. NO STEPPING on vegetation off the trail, once again, it’s pristine, let’s keep it that way. 
    3. Restrooms are provided on Hidden Peak. Use em’. 
    4. There are NO DOGS allowed in Little Cottonwood Canyon….Anywhere! You MAY NOT leave your dog in a car either. There is a $750 fine if caught, and it will jeopardize the future of the Speedgoat races.  Leave your dog at home. 
    5. No aid between aid stations. 
    6. No special Drop Bag service from crew. 
    7. Headphones ARE permitted, so crank it up, but please be aware of surroundings when overtaking another runner, or if you are overtaken, or at an aid station. 
    8. Any runner seen cutting a switchback will be disqualified. 
    9. Any foreign runner who earns cash, will be subject to tax initially when paid on race day. 

50K Prize

50K Prize Purse $7000

    • 1st $2000 
    • 2nd $1000 
    • 3rd $500 

Male and Female